An Incredible Case article published in "Woman" Magazine

More and more romanians-ordinary people, businessmen or personalities of the artistic, sporting or political world calling the services of bioenergotherapists. We mean people have gift - obviously the genuine and not the impostors who take the advantage of the reputation and achievements of the former. Most come here just after the treatments prescribed by various doctors and countless days of hospitalization did not give results. Believing in their last chance of cure, they give all their trust to the therapist. Almost unconditional. And the news goes ... And that's because a "business card" is supported only by those who have been cured following the sessions of therapy and natural treatments prescribed. But one of the important things on which the success and solving a case, no matter how bad it is, is patient's confidence in methods and treatments that are used.these are the secrets of the successes disclosed to our review by Zinaida Stoenescu, one bioenergotherapist well-known from Romania. Originating in the Republic of Moldova and the health care profession, she has managed to uimeasca amaze and convince people of the miraculous powers of his hands, put on the job of healing people.
From the early 90's, hundreds of cases-some very serious (diseases of the thyroid gland, asthma, fibroma, thyroid nodes, ulcers, diseases of the nervous system, liver and heart valves, cataract and even leukemia) - have been resolved by Zinaida Stoenescu. Or Mrs Zina ,as tell all. "Everything comes from me, from the energy I emit particularly by hands! I Prescribe only natural prescription, and treatment should be followed strictly. I see diseases that humans suffer a concern only if I look carefully and I provide events that will happen. "Zenaida Stoenescu's reputation is the Story of her patients, who, without exception, are willing to talk about the wonders that she made bringing health and confidence in life. We can not get over the joy caused by thanksgiving letters sent from all over the country, and even from Turkey (from Sevket Yildizhan, Izmir), on the editorial staff, the people who opened the way to hope.
Not accidentally, the "Woman" Magazine that has the merit (along with the almanac and "Woman" Magazine) to discovered and to published the first articles about Ms. Zina, signaling a case quite incredible and spectacular. It's about Ana-Maria Stefan in Bucharest, a beautiful girl, blonde with green eyes and large, in the age of nine years, which, after a terrible car accident suffered after a year and a half, and doctors - had a diagnosis implacable: "break the spleen, lungs invaded by blood column fracture of T7-T8 and femur fracture. Later, after months of hospitalization and a series of operations extremely difficult and risky, it was finally "flaccid paraplegia train lower section pithy T7-T8. I mean, Ana remained paralyzed from the breasts down ... That was until her mother, Liliana Stefan has heard about Zinaida Stoenescu. After only ten sessions of bioenergotherapie, daughter blew out her belly (was like a pregnant women in 6-7 months, because of impossibility fecals and urine elimination, which now begins to have), and to head the spinal column, he put knee cap moving and to the espalier to succeed herself in firing the knee. Things unthinkable before even the most optimistic. We just let Liliana Stefan dépense this story was hard to imagine and endured for us all, but giving strength and hope for those hit by the brutal fate. "In August it will fulfill two years of the terrible car accident that I suffered when we were on vacation in Baile Herculane. I had to visit the area with my husband and Anuta since Mehadia in town, our car entered in a pole. All three were very seriously injured-I had politraumatism skull and was unconscious for an hour and a half, my husband is now still under strict supervision in a clinic in Germany, and the diagnosis of Anuta we know of cause internal bleeding and lost a half liter of blood. Because the case could be solved, the hospital where Orsova arrived I was sent to the County Hospital in Drobeta Turnu Severin, where an exceptional team of doctors have made everything to save on Ana from certain death: and spleen were removed , have stopped bleeding, and then only after two hours was put in the room to be pleuroscopie. Two drain was necessary to remove blood that invade the lungs. They stabilized her, but was untransportable on road, so that Cyprus consul in Bucharest, Mr. Loizos A. Karageorges, for which I work, rent and sent a helicopter equipped medical care who has taken her to Bucharest. SHe was interned at Balthazar Hospital, where doctors have struggled for months with a urinary and pulmonary infections, as a result of paralysis installed lung quarter of work, not rest, gather mucus and blood, so it Anuta made three bronhoscopies live without anesthesia. He never complained, she has a force inside unimaginable, a very mentally tough, but support any think that will be in a good day. In all this time, I turned to the biggest names of neurosurgery to be operated at the spinal column, but no one and has taken responsibility because of repeated infections and age. She was only seven years old ... talk to the consul of Cyprus Neurosurgery clinic in Munich, but she was still un transportable and then everything was said that Romania has very good doctors neurosurgeon, but have not the equipment necessary. But God wanted to get to Dr. Gheorghe Burnei from Children'Hospital "Marie Curie, who told me" I put all the science in the service of daughter, but I'm not God. " He assumed the risk of such operations, dl.Karageorges after bought from Siemens,with his money, the last type of fixing kit, from Germany,which costs 20,000 euros,that Ana had to be operated at column ,. Three months I stayed with her in the hospital and I care a 24 hours of 24, giving the doctors, nurses and staff who loved unsaid, the Director-Professor Pesamosca to the keeper. Moreover, besides the fact that financially helped me all this time, my boss at the hospital daily have sent everything we needed. I have no words to thank this wonderful man and all those who gave Anuta right to life. I learned to care agreement and of any nature, I learned medicals terms , I wells daily to not be carrying the bag for the probe and are twice daily, morning and evening sessions of electrostimulation muscle of bioptron against irritation and escoriatiilor, then comes the reflexotherapist. It's awfully hard and painful, especially when becomes a way of life ... In paraplegia, due immobilisation escoriatii occur that can lead to serious infections and septicemia, but it has absolutely nothing. Together with my parents, who stay with her the day, we handle medicines including against osteoporosis which occurs in bone demineralization. Not once doctors have said amazed : "This team of daughter, mother and grandmother I have ever seen." Both do the lessons with Ana, because it is already student in class III at the elementary school no. 113 near Big Berceni. School teacher and professor of English come to our house and teach the courses, but she took first prize, learn exceptional , and colleagues visit her always. So do the doctors who caree for her and friends and neighbors. Pops makes toys, playing cards and rummy together and imagine a lot of games for it.
God was the one who got us in a way Zinaida Stoenescu. From the first moment she saw it, Ana was lit in front and trust granted them who she loves, who gives her affection and trust, and compromise does not exist in her life. Almost immediately, the results were amazing for us and believe me not exaggerate. I went through too much not to put the price for truth! Abdomen has returned to normal, the column was directed visible, move the knee cap and started to have a vague control urine. Its evolution, each small step as we win the fight with her destiny after each meeting bioenergy is huge for us. Even for physicians who care like Dr. Onac from the Emergency Hospital, who told me that he has not figured such a transformation. Connection between us two is hard to describe, can not conceive of life without me or without me there, and when I'm home, do the best to stay near me and watching me. Anuta is my gift from God and I know that one day will be fine. The term also establishes HIM, as we know that Mrs. Zina is now part of our existence "
Oana Georgescu ,Women Magazine